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New England Secession

New England Secession:
Education and discussion of the possibilities of the New England states seceding from the union.

I just this morning found this "Journal". I hope you check out my "blog". I have been researching this for sometime now. I am working on a few more articles to add to it.

Hope to hear from you folks!

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I know quite a few people very interested in a secession movement and who have worked on this. Are you doing anything with the people in Vermont? There was an article on them in one of the December issues of The Nation magazine.
Let's keep talking!


January 25 2005, 16:37:36 UTC 12 years ago

I set up a new england wiki a while back (well before the election...) but haven't really had much luck getting people to post and add. I haven't done much with it, primarily because it would defeat the purpose of a wiki if I did it all myself. the address is:

also, for any friendster users, there is a friendster profile for the New England Confederation...request it as a friend.
I whole heartedly agree that New England should seceed from the Republic. However, being from NH, I can honestly say that I would never have faith in a free NE where MA and CT politics have a majority. I mean, both of those states have a reputation for poor in-state tax policy and fiscal irresponsibility. Not to mention how often their politicians end up on the wrong end of the law. Maybe we should work on a one state secession; like the Free-State Project, for example.
Would you guys really want to be in a country where Maine is the largest state?
But if every state went it alone? Things would be great.