reydelbovocracy (reydelbovocracy) wrote in free_newengland,

Secession convention

On the Side of Reality:

On Friday October 28, the Second Vermont Republic will host the first statewide convention on secession since N. Carolina in May of 1861, In the house chamber of the Vermont State House in Montpelier Vermont> It is totally open to the public any any one of you who would like to attend is totally welcome.

Long live Vermont, New England, and California
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(Nods) I'm glad this issue is seeing play in one state... If Vermont starts seriously talking secession, my native Massachusetts can't be far behind, ne? ^_^

(Though if both secede, or if more New England states join in... Confederation, anyone?)
I hope the talks are fruitful.
Yes, California. I believe in the dissolution of all of the United States, and California should be a separate country, if not two or three separate countries.