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After the last election, I have become a fervent New England secessionist! There used to be a group called the New England Confederation, and they drafted the following resolution. Thought you might find it interesting.

The Portland Resolution



THAT New England is a historically, geographically and politically recognized region consisting of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut;

THAT the New England States, while each having their separate identities, constitutions, governments social and political system and economic needs, nevertheless share crucial factors in common that they do not wholly share with other nations , states or regions;

THAT these factors include a living tradition of individual liberty; common economic and commercial interests; common environmental needs; common social problems; shared natural resources; a common tourism base, and a common transportation and trade infrastructure;



THAT ever increasing power over the factors in Section (A), Paragraph (3) had been assumed by the central government in Washington in violation of the 10th Amendment to the constitution of the U.S.A., and that the central government routinely engages in regulation, taxation and social engineering not authorized by the constitution;

THAT this weakens not only the rights of the States but of local communities, families and individuals;

THAT as individual state and as a region New England needs to recover authority over its own affairs and to reassert its voice within the communal life of the United States of America;

THAT the most effective way to do so is by HOME RULE, defined as 1) the divestiture by the central government of all rights and powers not granted to it by the Constitution of the U.S.A. and 2) the creation and operation of a New England regional legislative body with a structure to be determined by the lawful governments of the six states, which legislative body will facilitate New England self government in matters of regional, environmental affairs, education, urban planning immigration and foreign trade.
So is this group still around? The only website I can find is one for the RI chapter at which hasn't been updated this century and the links to the main site don't work anymore.

If the organization is in hibernation, I think now would be an excellent time for it to wake up! I'm pretty sure that given the current political climate, we could at least get the question of secession on the ballot.
Hey there fellow believers in local rule
i just happen to be the son of the man who wrote the Lowell Declaration and Portland Resolution Paul Eno. I'm Ben Eno
and me and a few of my friends are interested in started the movement again. so please get in contact with me so we can collaborate. heres my email: